One-Stop Custom Production CNC Machining


Trusted by Industry Leaders

We are a preferred supplier of production CNC machining to many major Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers. We provide our customers with a one-stop production solution that includes design, material, machining, anodizing, deburring, assembly, packaging, and delivery. Our diverse arrays of machinery coupled with our highly skilled and experienced team enable us to deliver production work of varying sizes and volumes to precision tolerances of ± 0.0001″.

Our Custom Production Machining Service by the Numbers

1998 began our custom production production service
460,000 parts shipped annually all cross North America
99.88% on quality (to customer specification)
99.60% on time delivery (to customer delivery schedule)
500 lowest annual volume of one type we currently produce
140,000 highest annual volume of one type we currently produce

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3D CAD/CAM Design

Reduce Time & Cost

Before any parts are physically manufactured, we work closely with our customers to prepare a 3D computer representation of the part. This ensure all requirements are properly defined and understood.

Raw Material

Competitive Factory Price

We source our materials directly from the factory. Our long and established relationships with our suppliers means our customers will receive the most competitive pricing in the market.


Quality, On Time, On Budget

We recognize that each customer has specific needs. We actively engage with our customers to design custom solutions that satisfy their unique quality, time, and budget requirements.


Increase Wear Resistance

We supply anodizing services through our trusted supplier network. This process enhances the parts corrosion and wear resistance characteristics, leading to increased durability and performance.


Optimal Burrs Cleanliness

We provide cost-effective deburring services for mission-critical parts. Our experienced team inspects each part with great detail to achieve optimal burr cleanliness.

Assembly & Packaging

Putting It All Together

We offer value-added assembly and packaging services. Our well trained team ensures that the parts are assembled and packaged to specifications and quality.


Straight to Receiving Dock

Whether the products are delivered locally or exported, our team will prepare the necessary paperwork and arrangement to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.


Standing By Our Customers

Whether it is unexpected inventory demand or on-site technical support, our team is available to provide the support needed to ensure our customers succeed.