Complete Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturer for Aerial Work Platform


Trusted by Industry Leaders

We are a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic manifolds for the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) industry. Our turnkey hydraulic manifold service includes design, material, machining, anodizing, deburring, assembly, packaging, and delivery.

Our Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturing Service by the Numbers

 2001 began our hydraulic manifold manufacturing service
 3.2 million (200,000 annually) hydraulic manifolds shipped cross North America
99.78% on quality (to customer specification)
100% on time delivery (to customer delivery schedule)
1,000 lowest annual volume of one type we currently produce
 50,000 highest annual volume of one type we currently produce

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3D CAD/CAM Design

Reduce Time & Cost

Before any manifolds are physically manufactured, we engage with our customers to prepare a 3D computer representation of the manifold. This ensure all requirements are properly defined and understood, reducing time and cost to manufacture.

Raw Material

Competitive Factory Price


All raw material used in our manifold productions are sourced directory from the factory mill and are certified to industry standard. Our long established relationships with our suppliers translates to the best competitive pricing for our customers.


Quality, On Time, On Budget


Our machining processes are proven and refined through over a decade of experience in manifold production. We implement stringent quality assurance procedures to realize a quality performance of 99.78% with perfect delivery rating.


Increase Wear Resistance


We recognize durability and wear resistance is critical to the performance of hydraulic manifolds. As such, we recommend anodizing as part of our production process. Anodizing service is provided through our trusted supplier network.


Optimal Burr Cleanliness


We understand the risk that residual burrs may pose in clogging up manifold holes when hydraulic fluid are applied. Therefore, our production process includes manual deburring and inspection to reach burrs in difficult to find areas to ensure optimal burr cleanliness.

Assembly & Packaging

Putting It All Together


We strive to be a complete provider to our customers. Accordingly, we also offer value-added assembly and packaging services. Our team assembles and packages to specifications and promptly prepares export/accounting documents to ensure a smooth transaction.


Straight to Receiving Dock


We pride ourselves in not only delivering quality products, but also delivering it when our customers need it. Our 100% production delivery record speaks volume. We achieve this by working closely with our entire supply-chain and by engaging with our customers to forecast demand.


Standing By Our Customers


We stand by our products and our customers. Our service does not end at product delivery. Whether it is unexpected inventory demand or on-site technical support, our team is available to provide the support needed to ensure our customers succeed.